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DIY Marbled Mugs

by vickybarone

Happy Tuesday, party people! Today we’re sharing a simple and gorgeous DIY that will make you want to marble everything in sight! These marbled mugs are made with Dollar Store coffee mugs and some nail polish! Here’s how…

DIY Marbled Mugs | Vicky Barone

Supplies: white coffee mugs, nail polish (avoid “Quick Dry”), Tupperware (use an old one you no longer want to use for food!), water, and toothpicks.

1. Make sure your mug is clean and dry.
2. Full a Tupperware container with warm water.
3. Pour a few dots of nail polish (or more to make the color or design darker) onto the surface of the water and quickly swirl with a toothpick.
4. Carefully dip the mug right into the water at the angle you’d like the nail polish to cover it. Push the mug as far into the water as you can, until you can see that the nail polish has adhered itself to the mug.
5. Lift the mug out of the water and rest upside down to dry.
6. When moving on to the next color, take a toothpick and swirl it around the surface of the water to remove any remnants of the last color.

DIY Marbled Mugs | Vicky Barone

Aren’t they beautiful?! We made sure to not get the nail polish anywhere near the rim to make them food safe. For an extra bit of protection, you can spray the mug with a food safe sealant to lock on the paint! We also recommend hand washing these mugs.

DIY Marbled Mugs | Vicky BaroneDIY Marbled Mugs | Vicky BaroneDIY Marbled Mugs | Vicky Barone DIY Marbled Mugs | Vicky Barone

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