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Aloha Summer Banner

by vickybarone

Happy First Day of Summer! We are so excited that Summer is officially here, so we’re celebrating with a DIY paper banner!

Aloha Summer | DIY Paper Banner | Vicky Barone

Supplies: colorful scrapbook paper, white cardstock, a printer, scissors, glue, a single hole punch, and twine.

1. Cut scrapbook paper into rectangles using scissors or a paper cutter. Ours were about 4×5″
2. Cut triangles out of the bottom of each rectangle. You can freehand this or create a template to trace to make each triangle the same.
3. To create the white letters, you can use a program like Illustrator or Photoshop to type the words you’d like to say and then increase the size so that each letter fits into your rectangles. Our letters were about 3×4″
4. Change the font color of the letters to a super light gray so you don’t use a lot of ink, but can still see the outlines when you cut.
5. Before printing, reverse the letters so they are all backwards! You will want them to print that way so that when you cut them out, the glue will go on the light gray side and the opposite side will be a crisp white!
6. Print and cut the letters.
7. Glue the letters to each rectangle.
8. Use the single hole punch to create two holes in each rectangle.
9. Cut two lengths of twine and thread them through the holes in the rectangles to create the banner.

Hang and enjoy!

Aloha Summer | DIY Paper Banner | Vicky Barone

How will you celebrate the first day of Summer?

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