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Sand Castle Cake

by vickybarone

Happy Tuesday and welcome back from the long weekend! Memorial Day may be over, but we want to keep these Summer vibes going with a beachy dessert! This DIY Sand Castle Cake is a breeze to put together and can be customized so many different ways!

Sand Castle Cake | Vicky Barone

Ingredients: 2 boxes of white or yellow cake mix, one container of vanilla frosting, one sleeve of graham crackers, and four round cake pans in varying sizes (we used 9″ 8″ and 6″).

1. Combine cake mixes, one box at a time. Pour into cake pans two at a time. Bake according to directions.
2. When the cake is cool, place the largest layer onto a cake plate and cover the top with frosting.
3. Add the following layers of cake from largest to smallest, spreading a generous amount of frosting on each layer.
4. Place graham crackers in a sturdy Ziploc bag. Use a rolling pin or a glass jar to crush the crackers.
5. Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs onto all frosting that is visible to create a “sand” look.
6. Finish with paper umbrellas!

Sand Castle Cake | Vicky Barone

Sand Castle Cake | Vicky Barone

(We had a little umbrella-happy assistant help us with this one 😉 )

Sand Castle Cake | Vicky Barone

You can even make an entire beach scene! Gummy peach rings make great inner tubes, and Teddy Grahams make great beach-goers! The possibilities are endless. How will you decorate your Sand Castle cake?

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