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DIY Paper Butterflies

by vickybarone

Today we’re sharing a simple DIY you can create with your kids! These folded paper butterflies would make an adorable Mother’s Day gift and can be used to create a garland or a mobile, to decorate a frame or even a gift box! There are lots of examples of these accordion butterflies on Pinterest, but here is how we made ours…

DIY Paper Butterflies | Vicky Barone

Supplies: scrapbook paper or cardstock (we used different shades of pink), scissors or a paper cutter, and pine cleaners.

1. Cut paper into squares (ours were about 4×4)
2. Fold each square in half and then accordion style, folding from corner to corner.
3. Take two folded squares and set them on top of one another (corner to corner). We made our butterflies two-toned, so each one was made from two squares of paper in different shades of pink.
4. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle of the paper squares, leaving 3/4″ for the bottom of the butterfly body.
5. Once the pipe cleaner is secure, use a cylindrical object like a pen or pencil to wrap the excess pipe cleaner around to create swirly antennae.

DIY Paper Butterflies | Vicky Barone

That’s it! Make as many butterflies as you’d like! How will you use yours? We would love to hear!

DIY Paper Butterflies | Vicky Barone

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