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Peppermint Martini

by vickybarone

Happy Friday! Today we’re sharing a deliciously festive cocktail that’s perfect for your upcoming holiday parties (or just a quiet night home on the couch watching Christmas movies!).

Peppermint Martini | Vicky Barone

Peppermint Martini
serves one

vanilla frosting
candy canes
1 oz Kahlua (try Peppermint Mocha!)
1 oz Iced Cake vodka
2 oz sweetened creamer (we used french vanilla coffee creamer)

1. Use a knife to spread the frosting around the rim of the martini glass.
2. Place a few candy canes in a Ziploc bag and seal shut. Crush the candy canes using a hard object like a rolling pin or the bottom of a glass jar.
3. Pour the crushed candy canes onto a round plate.
4. Dip the martini glass rim into the crushed candy canes until all of the frosting is covered.
5. Add Kahlua, vodka, and creamer to the glass.
6. Stir with a candy cane and enjoy!

Check out the timelapse video below to see exactly how we made them:

Peppermint Martini | Vicky Barone

Peppermint Martini | Vicky Barone

Peppermint Martini | Vicky Barone

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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