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DIY Fabric Leaf Bowl

by vickybarone

This crazy weather has made it hard to feel like it’s actually Fall, although some 70 degree weather is nothing to complain about! Fortunately, there are lots of beautiful leaves outside confirming that Autumn is indeed upon us. To celebrate this lovely season, we brought the warm colors inside with this DIY leaf bowl! There are lots of ways to create this pretty Fall catch-all and we’re going to show you one of them today!

DIY Fabric Mod Podge Leaf Bowl | Vicky Barone

Supplies: fabric leaves (from the dollar store!!), Mod Podge, a paint brush, and a balloon.

1. Inflate the balloon and tie it closed. Place the balloon into a bowl, tied end down.
2. Use your paint brush to cover a leaf-sized spot on the balloon with Mod Podge and immediately press a fabric leaf onto the spot. Cover the leaf with more Mod Podge and repeat with the remaining leaves.
3. When the leaf bowl is the size you like, let it dry overnight.
4. When fully dry, pop the balloon and carefully peel it out of the bowl.

*we used Fabric Mod Podge, which made the bowl more flexible, but not very sturdy. For a harder bowl, use regular Mod Podge!

DIY Fabric Mod Podge Leaf Bowl | Vicky Barone

Use the bowl for loose change, keys, or candy (we suggest placing a food-safe bowl inside the leaf bowl before adding unwrapped foods)!

DIY Fabric Mod Podge Leaf Bowl | Vicky Barone

For more ways to use fabric leaves, check out this DIY Leaf Garland post.

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