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DIY Popsicle Garland

by vickybarone

Summer is in full swing and so is the HEAT! Since our go-to method for keeping cool is chowing down on some frosty Popsicles, we decided to make a little party decor to celebrate our favorite treat.

DIY Paper Popsicle Garland | Vicky Barone

These paper Popsicles look good enough to eat! We were inspired to make this garland when we saw one made out of pool noodles (!!) here. We loved it so much, we went digging into our scrapbook paper collection for just the right Popsicle-inspired colors.

DIY Paper Popsicle Garland | Vicky Barone

Supplies: scrapbook paper, tongue depressors, a paper cutter and/or scissors, glue stick, hot glue, twine, and clothespins.

1. Each Popsicle will be two-toned to mimic the shaded inset of a Popsicle made from a traditional mold. Pick two shades of each color Popsicle you’d like to make.
2. Using a paper cutter, cut the lighter shade of each color into rectangles (ours were about 3×5.5″). Round off the top of each rectangle using scissors.
3. Next, cut the darker shade of each color into thinner rectangles (ours were about 0.5×5″). Round off the top of each of these rectangles. You should have twice the amount of thin rectangles as you do larger rectangles.
4. Glue two thin rectangles to a larger rectangle in a coordinating color using a glue stick.
5. Flip each paper Popsicle over and glue a tongue depressor to the back using a glue gun.
6. When all the glue is dry, clip each Popsicle to a piece of twin using mini clothespins.

Hang your bright Summer garland and enjoy!

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