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Striped Fruit Juice Popsicles

by vickybarone

This hot weather does not seem to want to give up! To help cool down, a Popsicle mold and a refrigerator raid might do the trick…

Striped Fruit Juice Popsicles | Vicky Barone

We made these fruity treats using our favorite Popsicle mold and all the fruit juices we had in the fridge! Start with a clean and dry Popsicle mold. Add a layer of juice and pop it into the freezer for about an hour (or more if you want super clean lines!). Remove the tray from the freezer and add another layer of a different juice and return to the freezer. On the third layer, we let the juice freeze for about 20 minutes and then stuck the Popsicle sticks into the center and let the layer of juice freeze around the stick for the next 40 minutes. Keep creating juice layers throughout the day until the Popsicle molds are all full!

Striped Fruit Juice Popsicles | Vicky Barone

Our Popsicles are made up of V8 Splash, cranberry juice, and orange juice. These would make great boozy pops as well! Just add a little vodka and you’ve got alternating layers of Vodka Cranberry and Screwdrivers. Not a bad combo for a hot Summer day 😉

Striped Fruit Juice Popsicles | Vicky Barone

Striped Fruit Juice Popsicles | Vicky BaronePopsicles don’t need to have complicated recipes. Just mix your favorite flavors (or layer them!) and you’ve got a frozen treat to help beat the heat.

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