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Messy Popsicle Trick

by vickybarone

Summertime feels like it’s already here, so we’re stocking up on Popsicle recipes to keep cool. Did you catch our Watermelon Popsicles last week? They were sweet, delicious, and (like all melting Popsicles) MESSY! Today we’re sharing the easiest trick to keep melting Popsicles from getting all over your hands.

All you need is a cupcake liner and a knife to keep those sticky hands at bay. Cut a small slit in the center if the cupcake liner and slip the Popsicle stick through. Hold the stick from underneath the cupcake liner and it will catch all those sticky drips!

This is a GREAT trick for kids so you don’t have to spend your afternoon chasing them around with wipes. We hope you enjoy this easy Summer life hack! Happy eating 🙂

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