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Candy Flowers for Mother’s Day

by vickybarone

Today we’re combining everyone’s go-to gifts, candy AND flowers, into one sweet and thoughtful Mother’s Day present.

Candy Flowers for Mother's Day | Vicky Barone

Supplies: colorful cardstock, floral wire, scissors, felt, glue, and wrapped chocolate candies.

1. Cut flower shapes out of the card stock. Poke a small hole into the center of each flower.
2. Cut a length of wire and fold the end a few times to make a loop or knot.
3. Stick a piece of wire through the center of a flower. The loop you made on the end will stop the wire from going all the way through. Fold the wire coming out the back of the flower down.
4. Fold a piece of felt in half and cut a leave shape out of it, leaving the fold intact.
5. Fold the felt leaf around a wire stem and glue to hold in place.
6. Glue the chocolate candies to the centers of the flowers.
7. Carefully fold the flower petals upwards to give them a little depth.

Tada! A chocolately treat for moms to put on display (and eat of course!).

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