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Mini Cakes

by vickybarone

Who needs one big cake when you can have multiple miniature cakes? These adorable, three-layer treats are easy to assemble and delicious when devoured.

Mini Cakes | Vicky Barone

Ingredients: box cake, frosting, fruit preserves, and fresh fruit.

1. Bake a box cake according to the directions in a 13×9 pan. Let cool.
2. Remove cake from pan and use a glass and a knife to trace circles out of the layer cake.
3. Place one circle layer on a plate. Spoon frosting into a decorator’s bag or a plastic bag and snip off the end. Outline the edge of the circle with frosting.
4. Fill the inside of the frosting circle with fruit preserves.
5. Top with a second layer of cake and repeat steps 3 & 4.
6. Top with the third and final layer and frost the entire cake.
7. Cut fresh fruit for garnish.

Mini Cakes | Peach Preserves | Vicky BaroneWhite layer cake with white frosting, peach preserves, and fresh peach slices

Mini Cakes | Chocolate Strawberry Preserves | Vicky BaroneWhite layer cake with nutella frosting, strawberry preserves, and fresh strawberries

Do you know anyone who would LOVE a mini cake for their birthday? These would make great mini-wedding cakes as well! Enjoy 🙂

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