When the Christmas parties have come and gone you might find yourself with a recycling bin full of wine and champagne bottles. Put a few of those to good use in your New Year’s Eve decor!

2015 Wine Bottle Centerpiece | New Year's Eve | Vicky Barone

Supplies: four glass bottles, metallic spray paint, glitter scrapbook paper, numbers stencil, stem wire, tape, and curling ribbon.

1. Thoroughly clean the glass bottles. To remove the labels, soak in hot soapy water for ten minutes and peel away labels. Remove any remaining glue with Goo Gone or nail polish remover. After using Goo Gone, clean the bottles again with warm soapy water. Let dry completely.
2. In a well-ventilated area (we always suggest doing this outside!), spray the bottles with the spray paint according to directions on the can. Let dry completely.
3. Trace the numbers onto the glitter scrapbook paper and cut out.
4. Tape stem wire to the back of the numbers.
5. Put stems into the bottles (fold or cut any stems that are too long).
6. Cut pieces of curling ribbon and curl using scissors. Add ribbons to the mouth of the bottles and around the bases of the bottles.

Place this centerpiece in the middle of the dinner table or on an entryway table or coffee table. It’s fun and festive and can be used again and again! (Just don’t forget to change the date next year 😉 )