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DIY Wine Bottle Santa

by vickybarone

Two years ago we sewed up some goofy holiday sweaters to put on wine bottles and give as gifts over the holidays. This year, we went a step further and made a Santa suit!

DIY Wine Bottle Santa | Vicky Barone

– A free printable template found here.
– Felt in red, white, black, and gold.
– Three white buttons.
– A white pom pom.
– A sewing machine.
– A needle and thread.
– A hot glue gun.
– Fabric scissors.

1. Print the template from this post. Trace it onto the red felt twice and cut it out.
2. For the suit: cut out two thin strips of white felt the same width as the base of the suit. Cut six pieces of white felt the same thickness to correspond with the sleeve cuffs and the neck. Sew each of these pieces onto the front and back of the suit.
3. For the belt: cut out two strips of black felt the same width as the template suit to create the belt. Cut a rectangle out of gold and a smaller rectangle out of black to create the buckle. Sew the belt onto the suit and hot glue the buckle to the belt.
4. For the hat: making the base the same width as the neck of the suit, cut two hat outlines out of red felt. Cut two strips of white felt for the base of the hat. Sew the white strips to the bottoms of each side of the hat.
5. Sew the three buttons onto the front of the suit using a needle and thread (or use hot glue).
6. Once all of the little pieces are sewn onto the suit, you will have just the front and the back of the suit as well as the front and back of the hat. With the details facing out, sew the suit together leaving the base, neck, and arm holes open. Sew the hat together, leaving the base open.
7. Use hot glue to attach the pom pom to the tip of the hat.
8. Use fabric scissors to cut away excess felt and thread on the suit and the hat.
9. Slip the Santa suit over a bottle of wine and add the hat on top! Use as decoration for the holidays or give as a hostess gift.

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