This delicious Fall cocktail could not get any easier. We added a shot of Iced Cake Vodka to a tumbler of apple cider to create this sweet vanilla apple cider treat. Serve it hot OR cold, both are to die for.

Spiked Apple Cider | Vicky BaroneIngredients: apple cider, flavored vodka, apple slices for garnish.

Served cold:
1. Mix apple cider and vodka.
2. Pour over ice (optional).
3. Garnish with an apple slice and a paper straw.

Served hot:
1. Slowly warm the apple cider in a sauce pan on the stove.
2. Add vodka to a tumbler or mug.
3. Add warm apple cider to the mug and stir.
3. Garnish with an apple slice or a cinnamon stick.

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