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Halloween Ice Cubes

by vickybarone

Here is a super simple DIY to make your Halloween party extra spooky! All you need are some plastic ring party favors from the Dollar Store and an ice cube tray.

Halloween Ice Cubes | Vicky Barone

1. Remove rings from packaging and clean with soap and water.
2. Place rings in ice cube tray and fill half way with water. Freeze.
3. Remove ice cube tray from freezer and fill the rest of the way with water. Return to freezer until fully frozen.

Halloween Ice Cubes | Vicky Barone

These spider and bat ice cubes are perfect for a Halloween drink or would look great floating in a bowl of punch! Want crystal clear ice cubes? Boil a pot of water, let cool, and boil a second time. Add the pot of water into ice cube trays and freeze. After boiling the water twice, you’ll have perfectly clear ice cubes to better see your creepy additions.

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