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DIY Inspirational Banner

by vickybarone

This is one of our favorite DIY projects we’ve done for the blog: an inspirational banner to hang on the wall! We used some discount fabrics from the remnants bins at Joann’s and my motto: “Celebrate Everything” to create this happy banner. We are so pleased to share it with you today.

DIY Inspirational Banner | Vicky Barone

– Linen or muslin fabric for the banner
– Two shades of teal fabric
– A print out of the design you would like to use as a stencil
– A wooden dowel
– Fabric scissors and pointed scissors
– Hot glue (We used E6000, but it leaked through the fabric and did not dry as quickly)
Mod Podge
– A paint brush
Baker’s twine
– A sewing machine or needle and thread (both optional)

You can find all of these items at your local craft store!

1. Cut the banner fabric into a rectangle (Ours was about 8.5″ x 12″).
2. Cut the two teal fabrics into strips about an inch wider and longer than the words you’d like them to read.
3. Use the paint brush to coat both sides of each strip of fabric with Mod Podge and let dry. This will stiffen the fabric and make it easier to cut into words. It will also keep the fabrics from fraying at the edges when you cut them!
4. Cut out the words from the stencil using pointed scissors or an X-acto knife
5. Use the paper words as a stencil on the stiffened strips of fabric. Cut out the words from the fabric using the pointed scissors or an X-acto knife.
6. Paint more Mod Podge to the backs of the words and attach them to the fabric banner. Let dry.
7. Flip the banner over and fold the bottom of the rectangle into a point. We used a sewing machine to sew around the perimeter of the banner to hold the corners down and create a small hem, but you can sew it by hand OR just use a hot glue gun.
8. Cut the wooden dowel to the length you’d like using scissors (or a hand saw if you’re using a thicker dowel!). Ours was about an inch and a half longer on both sides of the banner.
9. Fold the top of the banner around the wooden dowel and use hot glue to attach it to itself on the other side (Do not glue the banner to the dowel. The dowel should be able to rotate freely).
10. Tie a piece of baker’s twine to both ends of the dowel. Hang up your banner and enjoy!

DIY Inspirational Banner | Vicky Barone

DIY Inspirational Banner | Vicky BaroneHave a wonderful weekend and remember to Celebrate Everything!


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