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DIY Flower Crown

by vickybarone

We’re jumping on the flower crown bandwagon with this pretty Spring project and we’re inviting you to come along with us! Flower crowns are surprisingly SO easy to make and can be worn in weddings, on birthdays, or just on a regular Spring day to feel special.

DIY Flower Crown | Vicky Barone

Materials: Wire, floral tape, scissors, and fresh flowers (we used two grocery store bouquets!).

1. Cut a piece of sturdy wire about two or three times the circumference of your head and wrap it into a circle, securing the ends.
2. Wrap the entire wire halo in floral tape.
3. Cut fresh blooms about three or four inches from the base (you can trim the stems more once they are attached to the crown).
4. Place a flower against the crown and begin taping the stem until it feels secure.
5. Add more flowers moving backwards around the crown so that each flower covers the last flower’s stem.
6. Continue adding flowers until the entire crown is full OR cover only half of the crown to create more of a headband look.

DIY Flower Crown | Vicky Barone

Isn’t that easy? And look how sweet it is on this little angel:

DIY Flower Crown | Vicky BaroneThe boys took turns wearing it as well, but we’ll save those photos as leverage for later on 😉

We hope everyone is enjoying Spring and not getting too bogged down by all this pollen!

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