We are loving all the thumb print shamrocks we’ve seen on Pinterest, so we tried our own! This is a simple and sweet craft that’s great for kids. You can even frame your favorite like we did!

DIY Thumb Print Shamrock | Vicky BaroneMaterials: Paper, a green ink pad, a green marker or pen, scissors, and a small frame (optional).

1. Dip your thumb (or any of your finger tips) into the ink pad.
2. Press each thumb print down diagonally from one another and slightly overlapping.
3. Keep practicing! We made tons of practice shamrocks until we got the hang of it.
4. With your green marker, add a stem to the shamrocks.
5. Cut out your favorites and frame them!

These thumb print shamrocks make a great addition to a St. Patrick’s Day card. Tell your loved ones you feel so lucky to have them!