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Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

by vickybarone

We’ve seen this craft floating around Pinterest so we thought we’d give it a try! This is a super simple project for you and your kids to enjoy! Put on some Christmas music and try not to eat all the m&ms.

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

Materials: Ice cream cones, white icing, green food coloring, m&ms, red and green sprinkles, coconut, marshmallows, and any other treats you’d like to add!

1. Mix 10-20 drops of green food coloring into the white icing until you get the shade of green you like (we used about 10).
2. Using a knife, spread the green icing on each of the ice cream cones and set down on a plate in the arrangement you like (this part is the messiest, so do this for your youngest kids!).
3. Add candies to decorate!
4. Spread coconut around the base of the trees to look like snow.

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

Tada! Now you have a tasty winter forest that goes great with a neighborhood of gingerbread houses!

P.S. You probably don’t want to eat these after they’ve been sitting out, but maybe Santa’s reindeer might be interested in them…

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