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Happy Halloween!

by vickybarone

Happy Halloween everyone!  We started our celebration last night at a Halloween party.  Here are the boys in all their glory.  This is the only shot I could get of them both facing forward and somewhat looking at the camera.  After about 10 minutes of attempting to corral them into some semblance of a posed picture, I gave up.  It’s just way too exciting being in our costumes and trick-or-treating.  If you’re looking for a cute big brother-little brother costume combo, the tried-and-true Batman and Robin does the trick.  I’m amazed at how incredible the Batman costume is!  Apparently costume manufacturing has come a long way since I was a kid because I vaguely remember costumes in the stores being big plastic bags that featured a hole for your head, arm holes and pictures on the front and/or back of whatever the costume was-which is why my mom usually made our amazing get-ups.  The more elaborate ones included a plastic hat of some kind too.  Last night my little guy was the real Batman and I’m pretty sure he won’t forget it.  His cohort Robin had no idea who he was, but he was very excited to have a costume on too (although he adamantly refused to wear his mask, so this one was added in Photoshop).  Later in the night, Robin attempted a candy snag which Batman didn’t appreciate (don’t worry, Robin had his own candy pail too!).  I guess just like brothers, Batman and Robin had their moments as well.

Happy Halloween | Batman and Robin

Happy Halloween!

As you can see, it was equally as difficult to get a picture of the three of us without costume adjustments and distractions. By the way, did you know that Batman and Robin’s mother was a viking?

Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun and be safe!

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