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DIY Button Napkin Rings

by vickybarone

Check out what else we made for our End of Summer Party! The easiest of all easy napkin rings!

DIY Button Napkin RingsMaterials: Floral wire, buttons, and scissors.

What to do:
1. Cut a piece of wire to wrap around whatever napkins you are using, giving yourself an extra four inches or so.
2. Thread your first button and wrap the wire around it a few times to secure it, tucking in the end of the wire.
3. Thread the rest of your buttons, alternating color and size.
4. Wrap the remaining wire around the last button to secure it and cut off any excess wire.
5. Wrap your napkin rings around your napkins and enjoy!

We did a few other DIY projects for our End of Summer Party so be sure to check those out too!


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