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DIY Back To School Chalkboard

by vickybarone

We have a very bittersweet DIY project today that you and your little ones are sure to enjoy. We’ve seen lots of different “First Day of School” pictures on Pinterest and we thought we’d make our own.

My oldest son just started Pre-K, so he and I decorated a little framed chalkboard to commemorate his big day. He loves to paint (and he LOVES the color red) so this project was right up his alley.


Materials: Chalkboard, acrylic paint, painter’s tape, a foam brush, and chalk (you can find all of these things at any craft store).

What to do: Tape off the chalkboard with painter’s tape and paint the frame. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and write on the board with chalk!

We hope you like our super easy project! It is sure to make for wonderful pictures and memories as the years go on.

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