Here’s a cute and easy detail from our all-white Summer party!


Materials: Buttons in different sizes, floral stem wire (we used 18 gauge), and a pair of pliers.

What to do:
1. Fold one of your wire stems in half and pinch it tight with the pliers.
2. Put each end of your folded wire into the two holes of a small button and push the button to the fold.
3. Repeat with two to three more buttons from smallest to largest.
4. Twist the floral wire to keep the buttons in place and to create a twisted stem.
5. Fold the bottom of each stem at different places to vary the height of each button flower and arrange in a vase.

Now you have a pretty little bouquet that will never wilt!

These could also make great wedding centerpiece as well, or even be turned into a larger bouquet for your bridesmaids!

You can also use colored buttons like the ones I made here (follow me on Instagram!).
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