My four-year-old has been home sick this week filling up on movies (aka Thomas and Friends on repeat) and soup. As he gets spurts of energy, we’ve been giving him easy projects to hold his attention.

We saw a similar rainbow craft for St. Patrick’s Day on Pinterest and thought we’d try our own. Nothing says sick day like sugar cereal and Elmer’s glue.

Here’s what we started with:

Froot Loop Rainbow for St. Patrick's Day | Vicky Barone

We originally used the foam brush to spread the glue across the paper, but found that nixing the brush and simply squeezing glue lines was easier and more effective.

My son loved sorting the Froot Loops and squeezing the glue all over the paper, Jackson Pollock style.

Froot Loop Rainbow for St. Patrick's Day | Vicky Barone

All in all it was a successful craft and no glue-soaked Froot Loops were consumed. Most likely because we told our four-year-old that the cereal tasted like mulch and he wouldn’t like it. “But it smells like strawberries!”

We cut the project short after the glue dried, but you can embellish your rainbows with a pot of gold and some cotton ball clouds!

P.S. My four-year-old wanted to participate in the writing of this blog post (as I type it up on the floor of the living room with The Muppet Movie playing in the background). Here are his thoughts:




Guest Blogger | Vicky Barone