Looking for a quick and easy alternative to candy Valentines? These free printable Valentine tags make it easy to send your child to school with a creative (and sugarless) treat for his or her classmates! The “I’m stuck on you, Valentine” tag goes great with stickers, temporary tattoos, and even band aids. They work well for both girls and boys – include a couple Spiderman stickers/tattoos and boys will love them too!

Click on the image below to open the PDF:


For those of you who don’t believe in a candy-free Valentine’s day (who does?!), the next option is for you! I also made a “I’m sweet on you, Valentine” version that makes it easy to divvy up some bulk candy and save a little money!

I'm Sweet on You Valentine | Free Printable by Vicky Barone

What you need:
1. A free printable from Vicky Barone!
2. Cellophane flat bags. We ordered a pack of 100 3×5 bags from here, but you can find them at any craft store.
3. Stickers, temporary tattoos, band-aids, or candy
4. A stapler and scissors

Here’s the “I’m sweet on you” version: (click to open the PDF)

Have your child write their own name in the space provided to make it even more fun!

Make sure you check out our Valentine’s Day Pinterest board for more great Valentine ideas!

Enjoy! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

(*for non-commercial use only, not for distribution or resale!)