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Halloween Sprinkle Rimmed Glasses

For those of you who liked our sprinkle rimmed cocktail glasses, here are some Halloween sprinkle rimmed glasses* for kids! We used white chocolate and orange and black nonpareils for the rims, and filled the glasses with milk! You could even add a little food coloring to the milk to make it orange if you’d like! We also added some orange straws with glittery bat stickers to make them extra festive. Click here to see a full how-to on the sprinkle rims! Click here for even more last...

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Sprinkle Rimmed Glasses DIY

This is the easiest DIY for a party that will make you feel like the fanciest host ever! These sprinkle rimmed cocktail glasses were so perfect for our Pizza and Champagne Party and they only required two ingredients! What you need: 1. Cocktail glasses. You can use any kind of drink wear including shot glasses! 2. Chocolate bits or melting chocolate. We used Nestle Premier White Morsels. 3. Sprinkles! We used rainbow sprinkles for our first round of glasses and nonpareils for the main picture...

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Halloween Spiderweb Cupcakes

Here’s an easy Halloween treat that everyone is sure to love! Spiderweb cupcakes with bat cupcake toppers! We did a DIY post for these easy spiderweb cupcakes in the Spring for this Spider-Man Birthday Party and they were a hit! So, we thought we’d do them again with Halloween colors. Here’s how we made them: Directions: 1. Frost cupcakes with white and orange icing (we just added food coloring to half of our white icing to make the orange!). 2. Using black icing with a...

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Ombre Gelatin Shots

Here’s a delicious detail from our Pizza and Champagne Party! Ombre Gelatin Shots (aka Jello shots, but we didn’t use any Jello mix!). You can add Jello to the recipe, but it’s the gelatin that helps the shots hold their shape! Aren’t they pretty? Unfortunately, the ones we made were not quite as tasty as they could have been (I forgot to add sugar!) but this recipe is delicious, I promise! Ingredients: 4 envelopes unflavored gelatin 1 cup cold flavored vodka (We used...

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Pizza and Champagne Party

We hosted a girls’ night party with a few of our close friends, some cocktails, and pizza! What better way to spend an ordinary Wednesday evening than by dressing up and sipping on girly drinks with friends? Here are some highlights from our night! We dropped a few frozen raspberries in our champagne to keep it chilled and make it fancy! Then we ordered pizza delivery to bring us back down to earth. We also made some jello shots from scratch, and picked up some fresh flowers and frozen...

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