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Happy 10th Birthday, Cooper!

I can’t believe my first boy is 10.  Meet The Cooper Dog (Cooper T. Dog Esquire).  He is my first boy. My fur baby. He hangs out with me all day and keeps me company.  He has been featured on a number of my cards and is generally a good sport whenever there is a treat involved.  Those big brown eyes pretty much know exactly what I’m thinking.  He’s quick with a kiss and a cuddle and tries to sit on my lap because he thinks he’s a small dog.  He knows when I’m feeling down and won’t leave my...

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Happy 9th Birthday, Cooper!

It’s Cooper’s Birthday!!! Cooper is my best friend.  He’s always there for me when I need him.  He kisses away my tears when I’m feeling sad. He’s always available for a cuddle and his joyful dance for a scrumptious treat always puts a smile on my face.  He’s what I would call a “soulful” dog.  When I look into his deep, brown eyes, it’s like he can read my mind.  He’s the first one that taught me how to be a parent.  He will always be my first boy and there will always be a special place in...

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Happy 8th Birthday, Cooper Dog!

Cooper turns 8 today! Happy Birthday to my very best friend. I made Cooper his very own dog-friendly cupcakes AKA “Pup”Cakes to munch on. I used the same recipe from his birthday cake from last year, but this time spooned the batter into lined cupcake tins and baked them for 25 minutes. The “pup”cakes are made with peanut butter and carrots so of course he LOVED them! And since Cooper is obviously part of the family, he got his own personalized cupcake toppers using...

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Happy Birthday, Cooper Dog!

Today is Cooper’s 7th Birthday!!  We started off the day doing his most favorite activity – playing frisbee in the backyard! Then we took him on a car ride and walked a local trail around a nice lake. Now he’s snoozing on the couch.  He should be resting up because we have more celebrating to do tonight!  We baked him a dog-friendly birthday cake and he LOVES to unwrap presents! He’s usually quite the helper when it comes to presents for everyone else so today he can...

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The Cooper Dog

This week I’m feeling extremely sentimental because it’s our first boy’s 7th birthday on Friday. We welcomed Cooper T. Dog (his official name – the “T” stands for “the”) into our lives when he was 12-weeks-old and we could have never imagined the joy he would bring to us.  He is our first ‘boy’ and continues to act very much like a toddler most days…although I swear he cannot only read my mind but can also spell words like...

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