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DIY Triangle Garland

by vickybarone

We haven’t made a paper garland in a while and now we’re making a comeback with our favorite ones yet! This triangle paper garland is the perfect DIY decor for a kids room, playroom, or even an office.

DIY Triangle Garland

We love the way the triangle garlands drape AND we love how easy they are to make. Here is what you need to make your own…

Materials: scrapbook paper, a paper cutter, and a sewing machine threaded with all purpose thread.

1. Cut the paper into strips, then squares, then triangles. This is easiest to do with a paper cutter, but scissors work just fine!
2. Set the sewing machine on a loose stitch. Feed the triangles into the sewing machine base first. When the needle gets to the tip of the triangle, add another triangle, base first again.
3. Hang and enjoy!

DIY Triangle Garland | Vicky BaroneHere is one we made using patterned scrapbook paper mixed with solids. You can measure each paper strip and square you cut to make each triangle the same size, or you can wing it and make varying sizes. Both look great!

DIY Triangle Garland | Vicky Barone

If you like this garland, be sure to check out our other garlands in different shapes: Circles, Diamonds, Strips, and Stars.

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