DIY Nature Mobile

Happy Monday, friends! Today we’re sharing a fun craft that gets your kids outside and exploring nature! This DIY wall hanging lets them collect the pretty items they find in the backyard and put them on display in a colorful celebration of nature. Here’s how to make your own: Supplies: a wooden dowel OR a wooden embroidery hoop, clear cord, clear packing tape OR contact paper, and any leaves, petals, or other items you find. Directions: 1. Collect items from outside. Press them onto a piece of packing tape (or contact paper if they are larger). 2. Take another piece of packing tape and press it on top of the item to sandwich it in between the two pieces of tape. 3. Cut a circle

Breakfast Muffins

Good morning, everyone! Today we’re sharing a tasty breakfast recipe that makes the morning rush so much more enjoyable. I got this recipe from my college roommate (thanks, Jess!) and with only five ingredients, it’s super easy to throw together. I love to keep these delicious muffins in the freezer on standby for when we only have time for a 30 second breakfast. Grab a muffin tin, preheat your oven to 325, and let’s get to cooking! Ingredients: 8 eggs 1 lb sausage 2 cups milk 1 cup Bisquick 1 cup shredded cheese Directions: 1. Brown sausage in a skillet and drain. 2. Whisk together the 8 eggs and the cup of Bisquick thoroughly. 3. Add milk and continue to mix. 4. Spray muffin tin

Happy National Dog Day!

Today (Okay, every day for us) is National Dog Day! We have shared quite a few dog-inspired posts over the years, so we created a round up of our favorites to celebrate. Click on the links below for treat recipes, costume ideas, and Cooper in a lot of birthday hats. 1. Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats | 2. The Cooper Dog 3. Doggie Birthday Cake | 4. “Pup”cakes 5. Baby Food Dog Treats | 6. Halloween Costumes for Dogs | 7. “Pup”sicles How

Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

We can’t believe that Summer is over and the boys are headed back to school for the Fall! Now we’re back to packing lunches and chasing the school bus. In honor of the first day of school, we’re sharing four yummy packed lunch ideas for when you’re stumped on what to send your kiddo to school with. These lunch combinations have fruits, veggies, and protein to give your little ones the nutrition and energy to tackle the day without sacrificing taste. Does your little one like hard boiled eggs? Add packets of salt and pepper to spice it up, or chop it up into egg salad with a little mayo. These zucchini mini muffins are made with bananas instead of sugar, and have some chia

DIY Cupcake Liner Garland

Do you have a little one who LOVES cupcakes? Have a cupcake-themed birthday party with all things sweet! This cupcake liner garland is SO easy to make and helps you decorate on a budget. Keep on scrolling to see how you can make your own… Supplies: cupcake liners, glue, and baker’s twine. The best place to find colorful (and affordable) cupcake liners are at craft stores and places like Marshall’s or TJMaxx. They have tons of super cute designs like these multi-colored polka dot liners that we snagged for $1.99! Directions: 1. Flatten a cupcake liner by pressing out starting from the center, all the way around. 2. Flip the liner over and fold it in half with the design on the outside. 3. Lay

Happy National Lemonade Day!

Today is National Lemonade Day! We’ve collected 18 refreshing recipes to help you celebrate. Enjoy! 1. Coconut Chai | 2. Sparkling Watermelon | 3. Spiked Blueberry 4. Blackberry Sage | 5. Lavender Popsicles| 6. Passionfruit 7. Strawberry Cupcakes | 8. Peach Shandy | 9. Ice Cream 10. Vanilla Bean | 11. Blackberry Margarita | 12. Ginger 13. Frosted Frozen | 14. Jello Shots | 15. Carrot 16. Ice Box Pie | 17. Green Tea | 18. Raspberry Yogurt Pops  

Back to School Teacher Gifts

Back to School season is here, can you believe it? Today we’re sharing a simple DIY gift that your kiddos can make for their new teachers! Supplies: tin cans, acrylic paint, and a paint brush. Directions: 1. Paint each can with white paint to prime it. 2. After the white paint has dried, paint each can in whatever colors you like. We created an ombre look by painting one can blue, then adding white paint to the same color blue to lighten it for the second can. For the third can, we added two more coats of white paint. 3. Using a contrasting color, paint your little one’s hand with a foam brush and press it onto a can to create a hand print. 4.

Office Snacking

I think we can all agree that one of the most addicting snacks in the world…is a big bag of salty chips. On top of their being so delicious, they’re also TOO easy to have around and lead to mindless snacking. In an attempt to fight my disaster of a chip obsession, I try to make a conscious effort to have healthy and easily accessible snacks on hand. Some of my favorites include: Almonds Fresh fruit Popcorn Carrots and hummus To make snacking even easier, we tried NatureBox, a food subscription service that sends tasty snacks right to your door like blueberry almonds, apple chips, and turkey jerky. They offer gluten free and vegan options and none of their snacks have high fructose corn syrup, or