• DIY Thankful Garland | Vicky Barone

    DIY “Thankful” Garland

    By vickybarone | November 21, 2014

    The last Thanksgiving garland we made is still such a hit that we were more than excited to create a new one this year! We made this “Thankful” bunting using fabric and Mod Podge, with [...] read more

  • DIY Stamped Clay Name Tags | Vicky Barone

    DIY Stamped Clay Name Tags

    By vickybarone | November 20, 2014

    We must admit, it was pretty difficult to top the Pumpkin Place Cards we made for last year’s Thanksgiving table. We tried our very best when creating these stamped clay name tags and we’re so [...] read more

  • Apple Turnovers | Vicky Barone

    Apple Turnovers

    By vickybarone | November 19, 2014

    Today we bring you: The Easiest Last Minute Dessert There Ever Was. Also known as: Apple Turnovers! These four-ingredient wonders are sweet, delicious, and easy to throw together quickly. You might even have the ingredients [...] read more

  • Chocolate Covered Oreo Turkeys | Vicky Barone

    Chocolate Covered Oreo Turkeys

    By vickybarone | November 18, 2014

    How about a sweet treat for after Thanksgiving dinner? We grabbed Oreos, pretzels, and some leftover Halloween candy to make these hilarious chocolate turkeys. Keep scrolling to see how you can make them too! Ingredients: [...] read more

  • Gold-Dipped Candles for Thanksgiving | Vicky Barone

    Gold-Dipped Candles

    By vickybarone | November 17, 2014

    Today we’re sharing an incredibly easy DIY to add some glimmer to your Thanksgiving table! Supplies: white candles of any shape or size, painter’s tape, and metallic spray paint. Directions: 1. Tape off candles with [...] read more

  • 32 Pumpkin Recipes | Vicky Barone

    32 Pumpkin Recipes

    By vickybarone | November 14, 2014

    1. Pumpkin Pie Shooters 2. Pumpkin Spice Waffles 3. Pumpkin Brownies 4. Creme Brulee 5. Pumpkin Hummus 6. Cream Cheese Muffins 7. Protein Smoothies 8. Cinnamon Rolls 9. Sugar Cookies 10. Pumpkin Roll 11. Pumpkin Ice Cream 12. Pumpkin Pie Fudge 13. [...] read more

  • Things I Love: Thanksgiving Table Settings | Vicky Barone

    Things I Love: Thanksgiving Table Settings

    By vickybarone | November 10, 2014

    one | two | three | four | five | six As we prep this year’s Thanksgiving festivities and decor, we are so inspired by so many beautiful table settings we have found online. Above are [...] read more

  • Spiked Apple Cider | Vicky Barone

    Spiked Apple Cider

    By vickybarone | November 7, 2014

    This delicious Fall cocktail could not get any easier. We added a shot of Iced Cake Vodka to a tumbler of apple cider to create this sweet vanilla apple cider treat. Serve it hot OR cold, [...] read more

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