DIY Shamrock Cork Stamp

All you need for this St. Patrick’s Day craft are some wine bottle corks and paint! The corks come together to make a sweet clover shape that’s perfect for little hands. (The stamp on the left is made from recycled plastic corks, which create a very distinct circle shape with less paint in the center. On the right is a stamp made from classic cork, which creates a softer impression and full paint circles.) Materials: 3 wine corks, acrylic paint, tape, and paper. Directions: Tape three corks together in a clover shape. Stand them up vertically as you tape them to make sure they are level with one another to make a flat stamping surface. Happy Stamping! Click here for more St. Patrick’s Day ideas!

How to Beat the Winter Blues

We’ve collected some simple (and warm!) ideas to battle this seemingly endless Winter. Click on the links below for more details and remember, Spring is right around the corner! 1. Treat yourself with an exfoliating body scrub. 2. Make some cute and cozy hand warmers. 3. Get your blood pumping with some quick cardio. 4. Bundle up with a comfy cable knit throw. 5. Warm up with some Irish coffee. 6. Welcome Spring into your home early with a fresh floral arrangement.

The 27th Annual LOUIE Awards

I am so excited to announce that I am a finalist in the 27th Annual LOUIE Awards! One of my Easter cards (with the cutest little bunny!) is being considered under the Seasonal Celebrations category alongside some incredibly talented artists. The greeting card industry includes so many amazing people that it’s a special honor to be a part of this year’s finalists. From the LOUIE Awards website: “The 27th Annual LOUIE Awards Judges carefully reviewed and scored nearly 1,100 entries from more than 200 companies worldwide based on the competition’s established criteria: originality, impact, design excellence, sendability, and value.” I am absolutely flattered to be considered for this honor and I feel so fortunate to be a part of this industry. I love sharing joy

New Blog Layout!

We are so excited to present our new blog makeover! Take a look around and tell us what you think! Don’t forget to visit the Etsy shop, follow Vicky Barone on Instagram, and check out the latest pins on Pinterest. Enjoy!

Things I Love: Dipped in Gold

We’re dreaming of Spring (while we’re snowed in and about-to-be snowed in) and a golden Spring at that. Here are some clever gold-dipped DIYs to brighten up your week! 1. Feathers | 2. Mason Jars 3. Milk Glass Vases | 4. Clutch 5. Macarons | 6. Candles

NEW on Etsy: Digital Art Prints

We’ve gone digital! All art prints in my Etsy shop are now available exclusively for digital download. Just purchase a listing and receive a link to download your own art print PDF. Print it at home or bring the file to a local printer. No more waiting on the postal service to deliver your art! You are just a click away from an original Vicky Barone design. Oh, and did we mention they’re only $5? Click here to see them all!

Snow Day Activities

1. Painted Snow | 2. Colored Ice Sculptures 3. Snow Ice Cream | 4. Frozen Bubbles 5. Spray Bottle Snowman | 6. Snow Volcano If you experienced snow last night or are expecting some flurries soon, we collected six activities to make this wintry weather fun! Click on the links above to see how you can re-create these chilly activities with your little ones. Happy Snow Day and stay warm!

Things I Love: Pantry Organization Ideas

one | two |three four | five | six seven | eight | nine Ah, the dreaded pantry. When it comes to tackling this area of the kitchen, we often find ourselves stumped. Today, we’ve collected nine genius storage tips to make pantry organization a little easier. Click on the links above for details!