Limited Release: Growth Chart Wall Decals

Curious to know what the best selling items in the Vicky Barone Etsy shop are? The growth charts, of course! With so many colorful and original designs to choose from, personalized canvas growth charts make the perfect gifts for little ones and parents-to-be. Today we are so excited to announce that two growth chart designs are now available as WALL DECALS! Now you can peel and place your growth chart with ease, re-positioning and redecorating however you like. Growth chart wall decals start at just $29.99, making them even easier for gift-giving! The only catch is that these two designs are only available for a limited time! Make sure to snag a few while you can (P.S. They make great baby shower, birthday, and Christmas

DIY Felt Watermelon Garland

Today we’re sharing the perfect no-sew garland for Summer. This sweet little watermelon decor is so cute you’ll want to use it for a Summer party or just hang it up in your office to enjoy all day long! Supplies: red and green felt, scissors, hot glue, string, and a fine tip black Sharpie. Directions: 1. Cut circles out of the red and green felt. We used two different glasses to trace circles before cutting them out. Be sure to make the green circles slightly bigger than the red. 2. Cut each circle in half. 3. Hot glue the semi-circles together to create the watermelon shape. 4. Use a fine tip black Sharpie to draw the watermelon seeds. 5. Flip the completed watermelon slices over

Popsicle Stick Trick

Today we’re sharing a simple life hack that will change your Popsicle game this Summer: So easy, right? No more tin foil contraptions or rouge Popsicle sticks. Just perfect Popsicles to keep you cool on a hot Summer day. Enjoy!  

Tooth Fairy Ideas for Kids

Is there anything more thrilling than the look of delight on your child’s face when they find a crisp dollar bill under their pillow where they once laid a tooth? Today we’re sharing six clever ideas to help the Tooth Fairy step up her game. Not that she is slacking by any means, but we just love some of these cute ideas so much we wanted to share. My very own tooth fairy pillow is on the list, and I have to say the Tooth Fairy so appreciates not having to dig her way under a pillow to find my kids’ teeth. Click the links below to see more! 1. Tiny Door | 2. Pillow Door Hanger 3. Printable Tooth Fairy Notes | 4. Origami Money

Watermelon Ice Cubes

Today we’re sharing a ONE-ingredient treat to spice up your cocktails, mocktails, or even just a glass of water. These sweet and simple watermelon ice cubes could not be easier to make and you’ll love adding them to whatever you’re drinking! While a fresh, juicy watermelon is the perfect Summer treat, storing one can get a little overwhelming. How can one fruit suddenly fill up five tupperware containers in your fridge?! We love coming up with unique ways for you and your family to enjoy a watermelon like these Popsicles, these fun recipes, and of course these fruity ice cubes! Supplies: a watermelon, a knife, a cookie sheet, and wax paper. Directions: 1. Remove the rinds and cut the watermelon into cubes (ours were about

18 Sprinkle Party Ideas

Colorful sprinkles are a staple at any party, but what about a sprinkle themed extravaganza? Today we’re sharing 18 deliciously fun ideas for sprinkle-filled festivities. Click on the links below to find each recipe and DIY. 1. Popcorn | 2. Sprinkle Bowls | 3. Party Hat 4. Cheesecake Ball | 5. Nachos | 6. Puppy Chow 7. Milk Glasses | 8. Monogram Letter | 9. Tea Lights 10. Waffles | 11. Banana Pops | 12. Sprinkle Filled Cake 13. Mason Jar Candle | 14. Cocktail Glass | 15. Ice Cream Sandwiches 16. Marshmallows | 17. Fairy Bites | 18. Bark Happy Friday! Enjoy!

DIY Popsicle Garland

Summer is in full swing and so is the HEAT! Since our go-to method for keeping cool is chowing down on some frosty Popsicles, we decided to make a little party decor to celebrate our favorite treat. These paper Popsicles look good enough to eat! We were inspired to make this garland when we saw one made out of pool noodles (!!) here. We loved it so much, we went digging into our scrapbook paper collection for just the right Popsicle-inspired colors. Supplies: scrapbook paper, tongue depressors, a paper cutter and/or scissors, glue stick, hot glue, twine, and clothespins. Directions: 1. Each Popsicle will be two-toned to mimic the shaded inset of a Popsicle made from a traditional mold. Pick two shades of each color

18 Patriotic Desserts for the 4th of July

Fourth of July Weekend is here! To celebrate, we collected 18 delicious red white and blue desserts from across the web. Don’t they all look amazing?! Click on the links below to see each recipe. We hope everyone has a fun, safe, and happy weekend! 1. Donuts | 2. Rice Krispie Treats | 3. Cookie Cake 4. Pretzels | 5. Brownie Kebabs | 6. Trifle 7. Margarita Floats | 8. Oreo Pops | 9. Ice Cream Cones 10. Yogurt Berry Popsicles | 11. Crinkle Cookies | 12. Pie 13. Ombre Cake | 14. Fireworks Cookies | 15. Fruit Tart Pies 16. Popcorn | 17. Marbled Cupcakes | 18. Strawberries