DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow

My oldest lost his first tooth! To make this exciting event even more memorable, I decided to make a Tooth Fairy Pillow to hang on his door. He chose the colors blue and orange and I went to work! Supplies: blue and white felt, stuffing, blue and white thread, a needle, scissors, and ribbon. Directions: 1. Cut two squares of blue felt, about 5×5″ and one square of blue felt, about 4×4″ 2. Cut a tooth shape out of the white felt and use white thread to hand sew it to the 4×4″ blue square. 3. Using the blue thread, sew the 4×4″ square to one of the 5×5″ squares, leaving the top open to create a pocket. 4. Sew the two 5×5″ squares together

Earth Day Treats

Earth Day is next week and we are cooking up some fun ideas to celebrate! Today we’re sharing six delicious Earth Day-inspired desserts. Click on the links below to find out how to make your own. 1. Flower Pot Cookies | 2. Earth Cookies 3. Ladybug Pretzels | 4. Pretzel Trees 5. Earth Cake | 6. Chocolate Gardens

DIY Finger Puppets

My boys and I had a fun afternoon last month making our own felt finger puppets! You only need a few supplies to create these cute little characters and your kids will LOVE them. Supplies: felt, scissors, glue, markers, and googly eyes. Directions: 1. Fold a piece of felt and trace your finger onto it by placing your finger at the edge of the fold. 2. Cut along the traced line until you get to the fold. When you unfold the piece of cut felt it will look like a heart that doesn’t come to a point at the bottom. 3. Add a line of glue to cut edges of the felt, leaving the bottom open for your finger. Fold the felt together and hold

Rain Cloud Craft

April showers indeed! Let’s hope this dreary weather brings those May flowers. In the meantime, we made a rainy day (literally!) craft your kids will love. This Rain Cloud Craft is easy to put together and is cute enough to hang somewhere in your house other than the side of the fridge! Check it out… Supplies: blue card stock or scrapbook paper, scissors, glue, mini white pom poms, tape, and blue embroidery floss. Directions: 1. Cut a cloud shape out of a big piece of card stock. With the scrap pieces, cut out raindrop shapes (we cut out 18). 2. Cover a section of the cloud with glue and arrange the pom poms, filling in every space and adding glue as necessary. Continue section by

3 DIY Bird Feeders

Now that it’s finally feeling like Spring, we are noticing our bird friends are back! To encourage them to stick around, we made three different types of DIY bird feeders to treat them to dinner. Peanut Butter Bird Feeder Supplies: toilet paper roll, hole punch, twine, a knife, peanut butter, and bird seed. Directions: 1. Cut two holes into the top of the toilet paper roll with a hole punch. 2. Thread the twine into the holes and tie two knots. 3. Using a knife, cover the roll with peanut butter. 4. Roll the peanut butter covered tube in bird seed until it’s fully covered. 5. Hang in a tree from the twine.   Gelatin Bird Feeders Supplies: 1 gelatin packet, bird seed, water, cooking

Happy Easter 2015

Wishing all of our lovely readers a “Hoppy” Easter! We hope you have a happy and safe holiday weekend. [Garland tutorial here]

Easter Table Setting 2015

Stumped on how to decorate your table for Easter Brunch this Sunday? Here is a quick and easy Easter table setting that is sure to impress your guests. You may even have these elements in your home right now! Ditch your outdated napkin rings and opt for a fresh place setting instead.  Fold a linen napkin into a triangle and place a freshly cut bloom in the middle. Wrap a piece of twine around the napkin and flower to hold them together. Did the Easter Bunny bring you lots of jellybeans? Fight your sweet tooth and add them to a votive for a colorful tea light setting. Bright, round place mats add a pop of color to the table and make white plates and napkins

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Happy April, everyone! We are so ready for this month to be here, and we’re hoping it means that Spring is here to stay. Today we’ve collected 18 Easter egg decorating ideas that are no joke! We hope you enjoy these clever and creative designs. Click on the links below the collage for details on each. 1. Donuts | 2. Narwhals | 3. Russian Nesting Dolls 4. Sprinkles | 5. TMNT | 6. Strawberries 7. Avocados | 8. Gumball Machines | 9. Dip-Dyed 10. Bunnies | 11. Dotted Monograms | 12. Washi Tape 13. Gold Animals| 14. Minions | 15. Floral 16. Silhouettes | 17. Metallic | 18. Carrots